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        Every step of the process of producing cartons is important

        There are many key factors affecting product quality, such as personnel, environment, raw materials, equipment, etc. The printing of carton production is also an important part. There are many ways to improve the quality of cartons, one of which is ink printing:

        1. Printed color is pure, no color difference in batch

        The selection of high-quality inks is the key to the bright and pure color of the carton printing in the Dongguan carton packaging factory. There is no obvious difference between high-quality ink and color standard. The hand feel is fine and viscous. The concentration is suitable for adding water or alcohol solvent to dilute without precipitation and agglomeration. The color of the ink is pure and has no abnormal reaction.

        2. Guarantee the clarity of printing

        Use a plate material with good wear resistance, moderate elasticity and high quality. The layout should be neat, uniform in thickness, straight and smooth. The ink should be properly lightened during printing, and the ink layer of the ink-coated roller should not be too thick, so that the printing ink is uniform, and the surface of the box is not obviously dent.

        3. Ensure overprint accuracy

        The precision of the equipment and the adjustment of the paperboard pushing paper are equal, and then the layout, assembly and calibration.

        4. Prevent ghosting and overprinting when coating whiteboard carton

        The ink should be lightened with ethanol, not water, because it is not volatile, it is not good for drying the ink; the printing pressure is appropriately reduced, and the printing speed should not be too fast. Add the exhaust fan or the hot air drying box ink before the stacking of the printing machine.

        5. The carton is missing and printed in time.

        Remedial measures should be taken promptly after the leak is found.

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