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        How to extend the life of the carton?

        Nowadays, there are more and more industries that use cardboard boxes. Sometimes the cardboard boxes are broken once, which not only wastes resources but also wastes money. Now that the supply of cartons is not in demand, I hope that everyone will use the carton as carefully as possible to extend its life.

        1. The moisture resistance of the carton is very low. When we encounter a damp place, our carton will be deformed, softened, and even rotted when it gets wet. In order to avoid this, we can put a moisture-proof agent in the carton or put the carton in a cool and dry place, which can greatly extend the life of the carton.

        2. When using a carton, do not use it to carry hard and angular objects.

        3. The carton we use is not as strong as other wood and sticker materials, so we can't put too much stuff inside when we use it, so it's too burdensome to damage it, so we try to reduce the amount of pointing. , increase the number of cartons used.

        4. When we use the pointing, try to take it lightly.

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